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Over the past couple of decades, the Turkish company Beko has firmly established itself in the UK market. Known for its appealing aesthetics and a reputation for reliability that belies its cost, many individuals opt for Beko when selecting kitchen appliances.

Our engineers are extensively trained in addressing Beko faults, equipped with a range of commonly used replacement parts to minimize disruptions during repairs. In the event they require a part not readily available, they can swiftly source it locally or arrange for prompt shipment from our central support center.

Why choose us for your South Yorkshire Beko appliance repair?

Image showing repair complete

All Repairs Guaranteed

Image showing repair complete

Upfront Pricing 

Image showing repair complete
Image showing repair complete

Fully Beko Trained

Independent, Local Tradesman

To have your Beko appliance returned to full working order, call Repair and Square for an experienced engineer today. Count on Repair and Square for Beko-experienced engineers, genuine replacement parts, a centralized advice center for any queries, and a simple-to-understand pricing structure with no hidden extras. Don't suffer too long with one of your important kitchen appliances failing—book a Beko-specialized engineer today. Check out our Instagram or have a look at the machines we fix if you're unsure

Get a look at some of the Beko repairs we have completed below

Washing machine wont drain out

The video above is a repair we completed on a logic washing machine but due to the machines being so close in design, the repair is also valid for Beko. Washing machines can stop draining for multiple reasons. Most of the time the pump is just blocked and needs a simple clean to get back up and running. Sometimes the problem lies with the drainage and sink setup. On this occasion, the pump had failed totally. 

The video above outlines the testing process behind this diagnosis and how to change the pump if it should be needed.

Beko tumble dryer wont heat up

Beko tumble dryer board
Beko tumble dryer working
Beko tumble dryer board front

The images above show a repair we completed on a Beko tumble dryer. An uncommon fault, normally if a tumble dryer is not heating the first place you look is the heater. On this occasion, the heater was diagnosed as fine and the problem was it wasn't getting the power required to heat up.

After checking multiple components of the machine as well as the incoming supply, it was diagnosed that the board was the issue. We replaced this for the customer and had the machine back up and running within a couple of days. Board faults (although rare) do occur and in these situations, its advisable to get a trained tech to diagnose so you don't waste money and time on an incorrect diagnosis

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