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Why choose us for your South Yorkshire Hotpoint appliance repair?


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Hotpoint has solidified its position as one of the leading white goods manufacturers in the UK for several decades. While their product range is extensive, our engineers boast even broader experience! Whether it's dishwashers or freestanding fridge freezers, we provide comprehensive repair services for Hotpoint machines.

We carry an extensive selection of Hotpoint replacement parts on our vans, allowing them to handle the majority of repairs in a single visit without the need to source spare parts elsewhere. Leveraging their local knowledge, obtaining a spare part is a straightforward process, and they are committed to ensuring your Hotpoint appliance is operational with minimal delay.

Call Repair and Square to have a Hotpoint specialist engineer with you as early as tomorrow.
Enjoy the convenience of our agreed service charge, covering all labor costs and callout charges. Benefit from the support of a centralized advice center for any queries and the expertise of fully-equipped local engineers. Hotpoint spares are standard on-the-van equipment, ensuring a quick and efficient repair process. Don't let your beloved Hotpoint appliance fall into disuse. Repair it today and give it a whole new lease of life with Repair and Square.

Get a look at some of the Hotpoint repairs we have completed below

Hotpoint door lock / Hotpoint f06 error code

Hotpoint washing machine open
Hotpoint washing machine door lock

Hotpoint are one of the most common machines in the UK due to their price and standing within the industry, one issue we run into constantly is the F06 error code relating to the door lock. Most of the time a new door lock is required but there are specific machines that actually have had a recall issued due to faulty door locks burning out. I'm sure most of these machines have either been modified or replaced although it doesn't hurt to check yours


Hotpoint fridge not cooling

Hotpoint fridge damper
Hotpoint fridge
Hotpoint fridge damper failed

Another common fault we run into with a lot of Hotpoint fridges is where the fridge will suddenly stop cooling but the freezer will be fine. In these scenarios it is probable that the "damper" has failed. Basically this is a little flap placed in the fridge that opens and closes to let cold air in from the freezer as and when required.

This damper can either fail electrically or mechanically and can be stuck either open or closed. Obviously if its stuck open, the fridge would be the same temp as the freezer - if closed, the opposite.

A repair on this is normally simple, and most parts are in stock online.


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