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A pioneer in integrating technology into their appliances, Bosch consistently challenges our engineers with innovations such as the incorporation of smart technology into their white goods. Fortunately, if your dishwasher needs repair because it no longer communicates with your iPhone, we're the experts to turn to! No technology is too advanced for our experienced team of engineers.

With a selection of common spares always available on the van, our engineers are fully prepared to do the required work without delay plus, with their local knowledge, any less-common parts are quick to acquire – getting your Bosch appliance working again as soon as possible.

South Yorkshire Bosch repair

Why choose us for your South Yorkshire Bosch appliance repair?

Image showing repair complete

All Repairs Guaranteed

Image showing repair complete
Image showing repair complete
Image showing repair complete

Upfront Pricing 

Fully Bosch Trained

Independent, Local Tradesman

Give Repair and Square a call to arrange a visit from an experienced Bosch engineer within the next 24 hours. Experience transparent pricing with our standard service charge system, free from hidden charges. Our fully-equipped local engineers possess in-depth knowledge of Bosch mechanics and offer a 90-day repair guarantee. Choose to repair your beloved Bosch appliance instead of opting for a replacement – contact Repair and Square today to have an engineer promptly address the issue

Get a look at some of the Bosch repairs we have completed below

Bosch dishwasher not heating up

Bosch dishwasher working
Bosch dishwasher heater tested
Bosch dishwasher heater

Bosch are one of our favourite brands of appliances and one we constantly recommend to our customers. They have a reputation for quality and performance and although this is true, they still have a couple of issues we run into on a regular basis. One of the more common ones are the dishwasher heaters failing causing the dishwasher to not heat up.

In the above pictures you can see us testing the heater with a multimeter and it showing open circuit meaning the heater has failed. A new heater installed fixed this fault and we had the machine working the same day due to having a replacement heater on the van.

Bosch dishwasher door damaged

Bosch dishwasher open
Bosch faulty dishwasher strings

Another unfortunate fault of Bosch dishwashers are the poorly designed door springs. Often these break causing the door to have no tension when opened leading them to drop to the floor rather than catch and fall gently.

Easy enough repair with normally just a set of new springs and strings being required although in some rare cases where the problem had been ignored long enough, a new set of hinges may also be required.

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