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As one of the leading electronics giants, Samsung is renowned for crafting stylish and well-regarded white goods (even if they're not always white!). However, like all things, they occasionally need repairs, and that's where Repair and Square steps in. Our out-of-warranty repair service is reasonably priced, and our engineers are experts in all Samsung appliances.

With a range of spare parts brought with them on the van, Repair and Square engineers do their very best to swiftly complete the repair, leaving behind a working appliance that performs as well as it did on its very first day. Supported by a central hub to address any eventuality, our engineers are experts in their field, backed by a robust team of administrators to maximize efficiency.

South Yorkshire Samsung repair

Why choose us for your South Yorkshire Samsung appliance repair?

Image showing repair complete

All Repairs Guaranteed

Image showing repair complete
Image showing repair complete
Image showing repair complete

Upfront Pricing 

Fully Samsung Trained

Independent, Local Tradesman

To have an experienced engineer come to fix your Samsung appliance, give us a call today.
Enjoy the convenience of our agreed service charge, covering all labor costs and the callout fee. Our engineers carry a selection of commonly used Samsung parts on the van, ensuring efficient repairs. Benefit from the expertise of our friendly local engineers, and take advantage of same-day or next-day bookings.
Whatever the problem with your Samsung appliance, entrust our qualified engineers with the job, and it'll be back up and running in no time. Call today!

Get a look at some of the Samsung repairs we have completed below

How to calibrate a Samsung washing machine

Customer called us in to a Samsung eco bubble washing machine that had recently started vibrating and walking forward since she adjusted the kitchen cupboards. The bearings were fine, the drum had no play in it and the suspension legs were okay.

Put the machine into calibration mode and that seems to have resolved the issue. A lot cheaper than ordering a new drum or suspension legs. Link to Samsung's page on calibration mode below:

Samsung Fridge not cooling

Samsung fridge evaporator cover
Samsung fridge evaporator
Samsung fridge defrost heater tested

The above is a repair we completed on a Samsung fridge freezer that was not cooling down correctly. This is an issue we run into frequently not only with Samsung's but on most fridges. In the third picture you can see my multimeter is showing the component I am testing as open circuit. This is the heating element for the fridge and it has failed. In the first picture you can see the evaporator cover, the part in the middle covered in ice is the cooling fan. Due to this ice buildup, this fan is not running leading to warmer temps throughout the machine.

We removed this ice so the machine can work in the interim and then returned with the required parts a couple of days later to resolve the machines issue permanently.

Samsung Fridge no power

Samsung fridge showcase pcb
Samsung fridge showcase pcb back

Another common and unfortunate fault with Samsung fridges is one where they will suddenly seem to lose all power. The socket with be fine, the fuse the same but for some reason the machine acts as though its dead. I'm sure  a fair few fridges have been disposed of due to this fault. In reality, one of the boards on top of the machine has probably failed.

The board in the images above is the board in question otherwise known as the "showcase PCB" Truthfully, this is an easy although potentially expensive repair, but much cheaper than a brand new fridge. 

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