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South Yorkshire Miele repair

Why choose us for your South Yorkshire Miele appliance repair?


All Repairs Guaranteed


Upfront Pricing 

Fully Miele Trained

Independent, Local Tradesman

With a long history of experience repairing Miele appliances, our engineer has seen almost all possible faults and is usually able to diagnose and repair your broken appliance within a single visit.

Preparation is key, and Repair and Square's engineer follows this principle with a van filled with the more common replacement parts. This way, they can affect a repair without the potentially long delays associated with finding spares.

Restore your Miele appliance to full functionality by booking a qualified Repair and Square engineer – call today! Enjoy the convenience of our agreed service charge, covering all labor costs and the callout fee. Benefit from a three-month guarantee on all repair work, provided by our Miele-experienced local engineer. With all common repair parts on hand, we ensure a swift and efficient restoration. Bring your Miele appliance back to a like-new quality with a comprehensive repair. Contact us today!

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Get a look at some of the Local Miele repairs we have completed below:

How to open a Miele dishwasher

Check out our video above on how to open Miele dishwashers. Due to their fantastic build quality, most Miele machines are harder to get into than most. The video above shows you the best way to do this and the same techniques can be used across multiple Miele machines. This repair had us looking at a leaking inlet valve, a common issue on this line of Miele dishwasher. Check out our YouTube channel for more informative videos like this. It is a goal of Repair And Square to give free repair information to aid you should you decide to give repairing your own machine a bash.

Miele tumble dryer empty drawer light always on

Miele tumble dryer pump assembly
Miele tumble dryer pump clean
Miele tumble dryer

The repair above was carried out on a Miele tumble dryer where the empty water tray light was constantly active. This is a fairly common fault on most dryers when they have not been serviced for a long time. Over time fluff, lint and dirt build up in the pump unit causing blockages and can interfere with the pump. The only thing this Miele needed was a good clean and a service, removing this lint build up allowed water to flow freely up to the dispenser and we got the machine working as good as new.

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